President's Message

Our primary goal as members of the Villages of Tower Oaks Board of Directors is to do all that we can to make living in the community a great experience for our residents.

I would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on the board’s responsibilities. Many residents think of the homeowners association as a citizens’ association (CA). Although we assume some functions that are normally addressed by CAs, our main purpose is to oversee the financial status, maintenance, and overall well-being of the Villages. Did you know, for example, that the common areas, walls, streets, curbs, lights, signs, etc. are owned by all of us? Thus, we are responsible for the maintenance, appearance, and safety of the common areas. We have reserve funds set aside for such maintenance.

A key goal is to keep our property values high and we look forward to continuing the increases in the value of our homes.

Please carefully review the Villages regulations for exterior architectural design changes, exterior home appearance and maintenance, parking, refuse, and pets, as described in the Governing Documents section of this site. Compliance with these regulations help to assure that the community remains attractive while our property value continues to appreciate.

We encourage you to meet other Villages residents by attending board meetings, the annual meeting, social events and participating in one of our committees. Please also consider becoming a candidate for the board or a member of a committee. We always welcome residents’ ideas on ways to improve the neighborhood, and appreciate any and all suggestions. Feel free to email the board or committee members with your suggestions, questions, or concerns at Alternatively you may contact Comsource, our property management company, at 301.924.7355. 

I hope that we can join together to make a positive contribution to the quality of life of our community, the Villages at Tower Oaks.

Pete Iype